Books to read while in prison & how to choose them

Books Someone on asked what books he should read during his time in prison. is a website where people submit questions on any subject you can think of and other people write responses. I’ve asked a few questions and answered a lot. This is a question I found today and my answer. • • • Books offer a wonderful opportunity to learn and be entertained, especially when you are looking at spending time in prison. This is difficult to answer with specific book titles because there are so many unknowns. Do you like to read? What kinds of things are you interested in? Are you reading for entertainment or do you want to learn something? Here are my thoughts about choosing books to read: If you already are a reader, try some books outside of what you normally read. If you are not a reader, start with smaller books based on things you enjoy. Try to have two… Read more

Unjustly Accused

“Unjustly Accused: An American man’s experience in a Dominican Republic prison” is now available on for a whopping $3! by Susan L Stewart Unjustly Accused is the first-person, true story of an American man’s nightmare vacation in the Dominican Republic. Corey and Jeff, his friend from work, are arrested when a taxi they are riding in is pulled over by two rogue drug cops in the middle of rush hour traffic on an infamous bridge . . . And just when things couldn’t get any worse, they do! Throughout the next week they are reassured by everyone around them that they will never be arrested, then convicted, then sentenced to prison for one to three years. No one can believe it, no one, including them. They soon find themselves in Najayo, the DR’s second largest prison, facing their worst nightmares. The horror escalates as they are introduced to the ways of the Dominican prison system. Through disaster after disaster, Corey works… Read more