“To Wed the Devil: A Traditional Regency Romance

I’m excited to announce the release of my first Regency Romance, To Wed the Devil.” It’s available as an e-book on Amazon for $2.99. Here is the book description from Amazon:

When Emma Radcliff’s grandfather, Lord Howell, announces she will marry Lord Colbourne, a man she has never met, she knows she is in a desperate situation. Her grandfather has never listened to her and now, at the age of 28, she knows he never will. She tries to stand up to him, telling him she won’t marry Lord Colbourne, to no avail.

One night at a ball, shortly before she meets Lord Colbourne, she meets the Earl of Thornsby. He’s everything Lord Colbourne is not and she quickly falls in love. He’s tender, loving and strong. She desperately wishes to marry him but Lord Colbourne stands in the way of her happiness. As Emma is forced to spend time with Colbourne, he proves all of the horrible stories are true. His behavior toward her is shocking and disturbing. When he attacks her, she knows he is committed to murdering her. 

But why the Marquis of Colbourne? Why would her grandfather agree to this insanity? What does he have, or know, to force Lord Howell to accept this absurd arrangement? A few carefully posed questions tell Emma the worst: he is evil, violent and merciless. There are stories circulating about his violence and cruelty toward women and men. There are rumors that he killed his first two wives.

Emma is stronger and more determined to live her life the way she chooses than any woman Lord Colbourne has ever had to deal with. Will she finally get her way or will he break her down until she gives in and becomes subservient?

This traditional Regency Romance (meaning no explicit sex scenes) explores the issue of a man’s right during that time period, especially if he was titled, to treat the women in his life as he sees fit without interference. A man was allowed to beat, rape and murder his wives, sisters, mother and servants under his “protection” with no consequences.

Take a look – I think you’ll like the story.



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