Book Review: Inheritance – A Psychological Suspense Thriller

by Thomas Wymark — Mystery, Psychological Suspense Review by Susan L Stewart “Inheritance: It was hers from the beginning” is not the kind of book I normally read, but the first line of the synopsis sounded interesting enough to give it a try: “Somewhere deep in her mind Christine Marsden is witnessing the murder of young girls. And now she has urges to hurt her own children.” Wow! To say I couldn’t put it down once I started is a cliché, but true. This story, told in first person by the main character, is the riveting account of how her life falls apart after being mugged and receiving two brain injuries. The horrifying nightmares of sexually assaulting and murdering young girls, visions of people not there, voices telling her to hurt people – including her children – and blackouts during which she does things she has no memory of, almost push her permanently over the edge to insanity, but she refuses to give… Read more

Creative Routines

I came across a really interesting post on the website about the creative routines of people like Beethoven, Dickens and Benjamin Franklin, among others. The chart is easier to read if you go to the site. Author Mason Curry wrote a book called Daily Rituals. I have this fascinating book that details the habits of authors, composers, inventors and philosophers. I enjoyed comparing the daily rituals I have for my writing to those of famous writers. For example, this is what Maya Angelou – the amazingly gifted poet and novelist – had to say: “I try to keep home pretty and I can’t work in a pretty surrounding. I keep a hotel room in which I do my work – a tiny, mean room with just a bed, and sometimes, if I can find it, a face basin. I keep a dictionary, a Bible, a deck of cards and a bottle of sherry in the room. I try to get there around 7, and I work until… Read more

How to sell anything

I saw the following on another website and thought it was a fantastic example of how to sell anything – a product, a service, a website, a painting, a book . . . anything. Notice that the salesman doesn’t do any “selling.” He just asks questions until Johnny sells himself the ashtray. The parts in (italics) are my comments. • • • The best salesman in the world at that time went on the Johnny Carson show. Johnny said, “I understand you sold more than any other salesman this year at your firm. How about you sell me something.” The salesman said, “What would you want me to sell you?” (Know what your target market wants) “I don’t know, how about this ashtray,” Johnny answered. “Why would I sell you that ashtray?” the salesman replied. (Understand their motivation to buy) “Well, it is a useful thing to have around, a lot of our guests use it, and it also matches the desk,” Johnny… Read more

An introduction to Regency fiction

The Regency era is set in Great Britain from 1810 to 1820. Prior to the Regency era, Britain was ruled by King George III, who reigned from 1760 until 1820. King George III is the monarch the American colonies fought against in the Revolutionary War. Later in his life, he suffered from mental illness and eventually he could no longer rule. Monarchs rule until they die, despite their ability to govern. So, in 1810, a regency was established and King George’s eldest son, George, Prince of Wales, became Prince Regent. He ruled Great Britain as Prince Regent until his father’s death in 1820 when he became King George IV. Great Britain was fighting the Napoleonic War during this period. Regency-era authors wrote about the personal, social and political customs, manners and expectations of that time. Most Regency novels focus on a heroine, often impoverished, who falls in love with a man of nobility, for example, a Duke, Earl, Baron, etc. Many of them are formulaic,… Read more

Unjustly Accused

“Unjustly Accused: An American man’s experience in a Dominican Republic prison” is now available on for a whopping $3! by Susan L Stewart Unjustly Accused is the first-person, true story of an American man’s nightmare vacation in the Dominican Republic. Corey and Jeff, his friend from work, are arrested when a taxi they are riding in is pulled over by two rogue drug cops in the middle of rush hour traffic on an infamous bridge . . . And just when things couldn’t get any worse, they do! Throughout the next week they are reassured by everyone around them that they will never be arrested, then convicted, then sentenced to prison for one to three years. No one can believe it, no one, including them. They soon find themselves in Najayo, the DR’s second largest prison, facing their worst nightmares. The horror escalates as they are introduced to the ways of the Dominican prison system. Through disaster after disaster, Corey works… Read more