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To Wed the Devil: A Traditional Regency Romance – When Emma Radcliff’s grandfather announces she will be marrying the Marquis of Colbourne, a man she has never met, she is determined to fight him. She has just met Lord Thornsby and has fallen in love. Lord Colbourne? Besides being twice her age, he is known for his cruelty and violence, and it doesn’t take long before she has a first hand experience with it. As Lord Colbourne’s anger grows stronger, Emma and Lord Thornsby try to figure a way out. But before Lord Colbourne is done, Emma is clinging to life.

This Regency Romance explores the very real 19th century problem of men, especially those with a title, being allowed – and even encouraged – to beat, rape and kill their wives and other women standing in their path without consequences.

Unjustly Accused: The true story of an American man’s experience in, and escape from, a Dominican Republic prison is the true story of an American man’s  nightmare vacation in the Dominican Republic. Corey and a friend are arrested when a taxi they are riding in is pulled over by two rogue cops. Before it’s over, they are convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to Najayo, a notorious DR  prison, for 1-3 years. Their riveting escape from the island will leave you breathless.

And now, Unjustly Accused is an e-book and a paperback!

How to pack for 3 weeks with only a carry-on


How to pack for a 3-week vacation with only a carry-on is a short e-book filled with information on packing light. In it I cover what to take, how to pack it and how to make it last. In addition, you will read about travel safety, TSA and my personal packing list. My experiences traveling with too much luggage will be sure to convince you there is a better way!


Stop Dieting Forever: A healthy, natural way to lose weight is based on my personal journey to lose more than 100 pounds. This is a proven weight loss method to lose weight and keep it off by forming a healthier relationship with food. Inside you’ll learn how to: keep your metabolism high while losing weight; change your self-talk and change your life; and why counting calories doesn’t work!