Book Review: A Vision of Light, A Margaret of Ashbury Novel

I wasn’t sure I would like “A Vision of Light, A Margaret of Ashbury Novel” the first book in a trilogy about Margaret of Ashbury by Judith Merkle Riley. I decided to give it a try based on its reviews. Although I love British history, I’ve never been all that interested in Medieval times. I am so glad I gave it a chance! I was enthralled with Margaret, her life, the times, her friends and enemies. This look at the lives of people in the Middle Ages, and the power of the Catholic church, was fascinating. I have rarely read a book with such a strong female character. The book begins when she is a child and follows her through a horrific marriage, a Vision and Gift from God, her life and training as a midwife, her brush with a charge of heresy in front of a church tribunal, and a loving second marriage. It ends as the next big chapter… Read more

Book Review: The Governor’s Daughter

by Jerri Hines This book is set at the beginning of the Revolutionary War and tells the story of a young woman whose father is the British governor of South Carolina. He sends her to England for her safety where a whole lot of bad things happen to her, she returns to South Carolina where even more bad things happen to her, after which she returns to England where she suffers even more bad things. That’s about it as far as the plot goes. Here are the reasons I gave it one star: 1. There are numerous typos, incorrect words used, missing words and incomprehensible sentences. At one point I started a new chapter and quickly realized the text on the first page was a direct copy/paste of the last page of the previous chapter. 2. There is a lot of explicit violence. I can’t remember ever reading a historical romance with this much, and kind of, violence. A maniac… Read more

Book Review: The Historian

by Elizabeth Kostova Although fiction, this book has an authenticity that makes it read as truth. When we pick up a book or watch a movie, it is that “suspended disbelief” that allows us to fully engage in the adventure and the characters. Before I begin my review I want to let you know that I don’t read vampire books, zombie books or anything resembling science fiction or fantasy. I mention this to let you know that this book is none of those things. This is the story of a young girl who discovers old letters in her father’s library along with a strange, blank, book with a single image across the two center pages. The image is a woodcut of a dragon with spread wings and outstretched, savage, claws holding a banner with a single word: DRAKULA. She takes the letters to her father and over a span of years, he tells her the story of the disappearance of his professor and mentor… Read more