Book Review: Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice

I loved this clean Regency Romance. Miss Armistead is well-rounded, thoughtful and has great integrity. She grew up in Bengal, India and is betrothed to a blind soldier. She is in London to get ready for her wedding. Her betrothed is expected to arrive in about six-to-eight weeks.

During that time, she meets the hero, Colin, who is recovering from a broken heart and falls – hard – for her. Still, he is kind, passionate with a conscious, and has great integrity. As they fall in love they never forget her blind soldier. Although she loves Colin more than she ever thought possible and realizes she only agreed to marry the soldier because she felt sorry for him, she cannot turn her back on him. Colin is devastated but understands. Things take a surprising turn when the soldier arrives from India and, as it should always be in a romance, they live happily ever after.

No sexual exploits, and a true love story, place this romance above the norm. The author does a good job of exploring the decisions that people with integrity make and their commitment to those decisions. The not-quite-proper mother, the truly manipulative “best” friend, and the hero’s feisty sister kept the story fun. I highly recommend this sweet, but not gushy, Regency. I will read more by Heidi Ashworth.

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