About Me & Books

Susan L Stewart, author

Books and art are the two things that keep me happy and occupied. I love making up stories about people who only exist in my imagination. There is something so satisfying when I figure out how to write around a problem. And then I have my painting. I work in acrylics, pastels and mixed media. I grew up with art and art supplies. My mother was an artist and was always so encouraging whether I was dealing with a plot issue or couldn’t decide what color the sky should be.

I sold my home-based desktop publishing business in 2008. For 23 years I worked as the writer and editor for the over 20 non-profit newsletters my husband and I published every month. Once I sold it, I turned my time and attention to my two favorite activities: painting and writing. In 2015 I put my paints away for a year or two so I could concentrate my time on writing. Because I love what I do, I write seven days a week and each morning I wake up excited to do it again.

I believe one of the most important events in the history of publishing was the introduction of the Kindle. It wasn’t until I fully understood the potential to write and be published without having to deal with massive publishing houses in New York City that I became excited about my writing again. Authors today have more control over their destinies. Being able to self-publish without spending thousands of dollars at a vanity press is an amazing advancement. The downside? Terrible writers, who can’t string four sentences together, publish awful books with typos, misspellings and grammatical nightmares. The up side is that readers have become more discriminating and the bad writing will gradually disappear.

I strive for perfection in everything I do, even though it’s virtually impossible to attain when writing a book with 100,000 words. Nevertheless, the most important thing to me is to tell you an entertaining story that captures and keeps your interest. This website is all about book reviews, short stories, books I’ve written, and the ones I’m currently working on. I’m also looking for short stories and book reviews written by you. Please consider submitting your writing to be published on the site! You can go to the link in the side nav bar “Guide to Submissions” for more information on how to do that.

Meanwhile, I’m off to work on the next book. Thanks for reading!

Susan L Stewart