“Unjustly Accused” now in paperback!

I am very pleased to announce that my e-book, Unjustly Accused: The true story of one man’s experience in, and escape from, a Dominican Republic prison, is now available as a paperback! The printed version of this remarkable story has been a long time coming. I finally took the time to create a layout, get a cover designed and get it all together on CreateSpace, which is a division of Amazon that creates print-on-demand paperbacks. Unjustly Accused is the story of Corey, and his friend, Jeff’s, horrifying experience in a DR prison. They were charged, convicted, and incarcerated on trumped-up drug trafficking charges. It follows them through the weeks of jail and prison, and the things they saw and experienced. This story is a tribute to Corey, a remarkable man who was able to outthink the authorities and corrupt legal system to get Jeff and himself released on a conditional bond. That bond required them to stay in the DR and… Read more

E-books now available on Amazon!

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Unjustly Accused: The true story of an American man’s experience in, and escape from, a Dominican Republic prison is the true story of an American man’s  nightmare vacation in the Dominican Republic. Corey and a friend are arrested when a taxi they are riding in is pulled over by two rogue cops. Before it’s over, they are convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to Najayo, a notorious DR  prison, for 1-3 years. Their riveting escape from the island will leave you breathless.

And now, Unjustly Accused is an e-book and a paperback!

How to pack for 3 weeks with only a carry-on


How to pack for a 3-week vacation with only a carry-on is a short e-book filled with information on packing light. In it I cover what to take, how to pack it and how to make it last. In addition, you will read about travel safety, TSA and my personal packing list. My experiences traveling with too much luggage will be sure to convince you there is a better way!


Stop Dieting Forever: A healthy, natural way to lose weight is based on my personal journey to lose more than 100 pounds. This is a proven weight loss method to lose weight and keep it off by forming a healthier relationship with food. Inside you’ll learn how to: keep your metabolism high while losing weight; change your self-talk and change your life; and why counting calories doesn’t work!

Writer’s block . . . What are you afraid of?

Sometimes people ask me about writer’s block and how I deal with it. Writer’s block is the bogeyman living inside the closet of every writer’s mind. It’s scary to think about, and many writers allow it to cripple their motivation, ideas, and words. Early in my writing career, during the writing of my first novel, writer’s block moved in uninvited, and I didn’t write a word for almost a year. When I finally broke through, I promised myself I would never allow writer’s block to strangle me  again and would find a way that consistently worked to defeat it. My answer to how I deal with writer’s block often surprises people: I deal with it by refusing to allow it to hide out, lurking in the shadows. I don’t acknowledge it, so it does not, cannot affect my writing. I write in spite of writer’s block. This attitude comes from my belief about my writing. I am a writer, and… Read more

Best Year of our Lives, a Book Review

The Best Year of our Lives by Phil Andrews I just finished reading “The Best Year of Our Lives: Growing up in the 1970s” by Phil Andrews. It is a semi-autobiographical book that I’m never sure I’m going to like. This one, however, was one of the best! As a writer and editor, I am very impressed with this debut novel. I wasn’t sure I was going to like the book when I first started it because it is very British and there were things in the story that I didn’t understand. However, the exceptional quality of the writing and the excellent characterizations kept my interest. The story is set in 1976, two years after I got married. I remember the time well, although from an American instead of British viewpoint. I actually found those differences interesting and entertaining. The music was different – except for the megastars like Bowie and the Stones – but I remember cassette players, widely flared jeans… Read more